Photo Friday: Malaga Series

Meandering in Malaga

According to The Guardian, Malaga is one of the hotspots to visit in 2015, stating it is packed with the triple whammy of new attractions for the cultural city-break traveller to enjoy.

During most of 2014, my daughter travelled each month to stay with me in Spain, finishing work Friday evenings, flying from Manchester to Spain and returning back to the UK early Monday in time for work. We both enjoyed this special Mum and Daughter weekend time together, something we lacked in the UK.

I was staying in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena at the time. We took a tram to Malaga town centre for our usual walkabout. The sun was not shining and the clear blue sky was amiss, but this didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for our myriad adventures in the city.

We couldn’t believe our eyes, the city was enveloped in fog, and it was July, the height of summer!

But you know what…? As the photos reveal, it was just as beautiful….to me anyway.









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