Photo Friday: Madrid Series

The Art of Airport Architecture

This week’s photos comes from the beautiful Madrid Barajas Airport, Terminal 4, Spain. It is modern, huge and Breathtaking!

My son was leaving for London after staying in Madrid with me for a few days. We took a taxi to Madrid airport and unfortunately was dropped off at the wrong terminal. Luckily we heard that there was a ‘free’ shuttle bus departing every 10 minutes to take passengers to Terminal 4.

I was not aware of what to expect, however I fully appreciated the beautiful architecture and it’s bright, cheerful and warm colours. The architect Richard Rogers was inspired by the silhouette of a bird in flight. You can see this reflected in the bamboo-clad ceiling waves of graceful curves and the heavy supporting columns take off in oblique directions, like tree trunks and branches rising to meet the forest canopy.

Be sure to take a quick tour to Barajas if you’re ever in Madrid, it’s well worth a visit!

Madrid Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain

Madrid Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain


Colourful Madrid Airport


Fascinating airport design


Airport ceilings


The airport itself is an architectural wonder


The place which takes you to another world


Modern cool structures

Reflection shot

Reflection shot


Undulating ceiling

Unbelievable ceiling and supports

Unbelievable ceiling and supports


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    1. Hi, thanks for the visit and kind comment…the photos depict the wonderful architecture of Madrid Airport….the train stations in Madrid are just as superb…The Atocha Train station for instance and the underground metros…. but that’s for another blog posting…haha

  1. Not a problem…may I kindly ask, can you see all the images? I’m using my Samsung tablet at the moment and three images are missing on this post yet on my iPhone (mobile) which is where I do my postings – all the images are there…thanks in advance.

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