Trained as a classical musician and introduced to photography at a late age in my creative journey. I thrive on experimenting with different styles and techniques, both in-camera and in the digital darkroom.

I find inspiration from my every day environment, urban landscapes and travel.

My latest travel adventures have taken me to Spain, namely Malaga, Madrid, Seville, Jerez, Granada, Córdoba, and Alicante, also Australia, namely Sydney. Follow my blog and enter my world of creative explorations with my camera.

My 3 insider travel tips (seems every blogger is giving out tips…haha):

I don’t own a tripod (too heavy!)…

I don’t own a fancypants camera or lens (no money!)…

I don’t use professionals to plan my trips (use locals!)…

Like what you see?!

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    1. Thank you Raymond. I am truly inspired by your WP tips! You amaze me on a daily basis with your enthusiasm for blogging and I hope that in time I will teach your level of blogging. I’m just trying to figure out the google plus icon button (both connect with me and share button) at the moment…haha

      1. You will 🙂
        All of those social media connecting method are mostly the same and doesn’t differ much. If you know how to connect with FB I assume it will be the same with Google Plus.

      2. Oh heck…I mean REACH, not TEACH…I’ll never be able to teach anything other than being a great Mother to two great kids of mine…supportive, guidance and unconditional love is all I can offer them, maybe I should change the posts I blog about and forget the photos…haha

      3. Hehehe don’t worry I understood what you meant 🙂
        You don’t have to do that. You can mix your blog! It’s a blog and you can do anything you want with it.

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