Street photography

Street Photography | Granada Series

The Equalizer, Gran Via, Granada, Spain

The Equalizer, Gran Capitan, Granada, Spain

On a walkabout around the city of Granada last summer, I caught sight of a woman rummaging through the bins and I instinctively reached for my iPhone for a sneaky quick shot whilst she was in the act.

Then it was a case of ‘quick, before she sees me….’

‘Oh no! Too late…she’s seen me’.

‘It’s now or never’ I tell myself.

‘Shoot! Shoot!’

Heck, what’s she got in the pram?

A baseball bat? A gun?

If looks could kill…!

I shoot, then disappear.

Only later when I perused through the day’s photos I noticed the image and title on the street billboard behind the woman and thought I’d witnessed a scene from the actual movie…haha!





Places | An Evening in Manchester


I was drawn to a photography contest, run by Street a street photography group, whilst trawling the internet this morning.

Together with WP’s daily prompt ‘indecision’ I felt I just had to write this post.


I remember waiting (well hiding really) in the doorway of a building in Manchester one evening and experimenting with various shutter speeds whilst crowds of people were walking past the wall with an apt title ‘Manchester Means The World To Me’.

Now as you know I’m not a street photographer, which you can read about here and the first question to myself was:

‘Do I submit an image in colour or black and white?’

Secondly, ‘Which image do I submit?’….

So here is the gallery of images I drew inspiration from:









Do you think I fulfilled the brief?

Which image would you have submitted to the MOTION BLUR CROWDS contest?

Photo Friday: Going Candid

The Art of Candid Street Portraiture | Crisol Street Photography

Have you ever tried Street photography?

It’s more difficult than you think!

This collection of black and white photos was taken at the Mercado De Motores, a weekend market in the Railway Museum in Delicias, Madrid.

During the day, a challenge had been set by the photography group Crisol Street Photography, I had joined during my stay in Madrid. The founder, Levi Shand, had asked all the members in attendance to think about ’emotion’ whilst taking a shot, so basically shoot street photography whereby the person shows their emotion.

Boy, I was not looking forward to this.


I just did not like invading people’s spaces when taking photos, it makes me feel really uncomfortable, but then, it’s not a bad thing to get out of your own comfort zone every now and then.

The only way I could approach this challenge was to take photos of people looking away, or people in mirrors or of children playing.

However, there’s one image, and if looks could kill…as they say…this was that occasion.

The young lady in the said shot did not look amused. After the candid photo of her, I approached her and told her that I thought she looked really stylish, (the lady in white) hence the reason for my shot to which she then wore the most beautiful big smile and posed for me…but then that’s not candid….?
What a Twist!
Anyway, here are the results…









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