Weekend Wonder | Dromeas, Athens

Weekend Wonder | Dromeas | Athens

Dromeas, The Runner [1]

Dromeas, The Runner [1]

Whilst I was in Athens, I took the Metro from Metaxourghio to Evangelismos (Line 2) in search of what was described to me as a sculpture of a runner ‘made of glass’ created by Costas Varotsos, next to the Hilton Hotel.

As I neared the huge crescent shaped building I was confronted by this enormous 12 metre tall (almost 30 foot) sculpture made entirely from panes of glass and steel. It was frighteningly beautiful as the sharp edges of the glass glistened in the mid-day sun.

I used a panning effect with my camera in photo 1, to give the added illusion of Dromeas running…

Dromeas, The Runner [2]

Dromeas, The Runner [2]


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