Street Photography | Granada Series

The Equalizer, Gran Via, Granada, Spain

The Equalizer, Gran Capitan, Granada, Spain

On a walkabout around the city of Granada last summer, I caught sight of a woman rummaging through the bins and I instinctively reached for my iPhone for a sneaky quick shot whilst she was in the act.

Then it was a case of ‘quick, before she sees me….’

‘Oh no! Too late…she’s seen me’.

‘It’s now or never’ I tell myself.

‘Shoot! Shoot!’

Heck, what’s she got in the pram?

A baseball bat? A gun?

If looks could kill…!

I shoot, then disappear.

Only later when I perused through the day’s photos I noticed the image and title on the street billboard behind the woman and thought I’d witnessed a scene from the actual movie…haha!





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