Photo Friday | Festival of Music & Light

VividSydney Festival | Australia

This time last year I was visiting my son who at the age of nineteen left Manchester UK and was living in Sydney and working for the retail store TopMan.

On 23 May 2014, I went to the beautiful City of Sydney to view the spectacular VIVID SYDNEY festival with a group of photography enthusiasts and was in awe of the colourful light projections that had Enveloped the sails of the iconic Opera House.








The shots were captured resting my camera on the handrail….the other million photographers were clever enough to use tripods!




    1. Apologies for the late reply Raymond…guess what, I’ve just received a new tripod from a camera company called Jessops this morning…I took my camera in store for a sensor clean and they screwed up…my camera still has an issues but now I can practise using it. I remember some time ago a friend loaned me their tripod and I didn’t know how to use it, well there was a strong gale and I didn’t know how to use it….well, the legs splayed out, my camera was twirling round, I could change the camera orientation…come to think of it, I think I’m probably better off without it….

      1. No worries.
        Tripod sometimes gets in my way too. My brain needs to be free from hazzle to produce nice results and fast. I really like to use simple method such as getting armrest somewhere nearby the spot or if not I play with shutter speed or probably with lighting is better than tripod.
        Not sure but everybody has their own way of taking pics.
        Ugh screwing up the sensor is bad….
        I currently stick with my phone Note 4 to take pics. I know I would be better with SLR camera but hey I prefer quantities and reducing quality a bit over to prioritise getting pictures as keepers for later.
        It’s getting me crazy to wait all the time for one single picture especially I photograph just for hobby.

  1. Wow… I like your photography here..
    It seems like Festival of Light and Music in Sydney looks fun and awesome…Wow..! ❤
    It somehow made me smile today! ^^
    Thanks for your blog! 😀

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