Photo Gallery: Glass

I’ve always been drawn to glass: windows, mirror, and other reflective surfaces. Glass is fun to experiment with when taking pictures, resulting in multi-layered and unexpected shots.

PHOTO GALLERY : Reflection Shots, straight from the camera


Templo de Debod Reflected, Madrid, Spain



Architecture Reflected, Madrid, Spain



Mountain Range Reflected, Malaga Port, Spain



Apartments Reflected, Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena, Spain



Urban Reflections, Madrid, Spain



Airport Reflections, Malaga, Spain



Window Reflections in Art Work, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain



Architecture Reflections, Malaga Port, Spain



The Apple Store Reflections, Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain


Hope you enjoyed viewing, did you have a favourite?



  1. I think you captured the theme: Glass amazingly and can tell this is not something new that you did just for the class. I love reflections as well. You posted some very unique, pro-look photos here. Hard to pick a favorite. I hope your post gets a lot more recognition. Kudos!

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by…just had a quick look at your bio and see that you’re a grandparent. My kids (who you will see in my last post – Treasure) have told me that they’re not going to start a family til they’re in their 30s….that means I’ve to wait 6 years, hence my dabbling in photography….haha

      1. Nice comment, Angel. I have friends, my age and younger, who are looking forward to their first grandchild as well. šŸ™‚ I wanted to do a “conversation blog”, talking with other grandparents about situations that are involved in this but that didn’t really happen. Although, I like my grandparenting blog and feel it will be a “remembrance” for my adult kids and g’kids. I’ve had a lot of comments on it but not what I was hoping for. I’m new at this so, didn’t really know what to expect. šŸ™‚
        I’m going to jump into photography 101 and play with this a little. I love assignments where we have to present our version of a theme. It’s fun to see the different versions that come out of one theme! I have a glass photo to share then will move on to the treasures. I like to see something very unique in a topic but the glass one I have is not unique, just very memorable. Nice visiting with you.

  2. Very nice! I especially like “Urban Reflections” with the interesting camera angle.

    Thanks for liking my Photography 101 post on Glass. Have a great day!

  3. The reflections in Spain probably my favourite. Great job with the theme. Any tricks to keeping your photos organised so you can find them? I presume you have them on your computer …

    1. Hi, good morning and thanks for stopping by. In answer to your question, I don’t have a computer, I work from my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy tablet and my photos are all over the place it’s driving me crazy…haha…I didn’t realise that when I uploaded my memory card to my tablet it went into ‘dropbox’ which autosynced to ‘Flickr’ ‘GooglePlus’ and my iPhone. I was getting 3 lots of the memory card all over the place!!! Needless to say I was using up a lot of space so I’ve now disabled Dropbox and had to delete loads of images on the devices. It’s all about tagging and how you label each photo, which is really hard work. I tend to trawl thru’ my flickr photos to find my images. It’s a great idea for a blog theme, don’t you think?

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