Photo101: Moment & Motion


Sydney Opera House | NSW | Australia

I took this shot on my entry level Nikon d3100 camera and used the kit lens (18-55mm).

I used the ‘Zoom burst’ technique which simply means you just twist the lens very quickly to create weird and wonderful abstract images. On this occasion the iconic Opera house appears to have morphed into a butterfly, don’t you think?


Sydney Opera House and a spectacular light show projected onto it’s sails.


Sydney Harbour Bridge | NSW | Australia

Another handheld zoom burst shot of the iconic Sydney harbour bridge.

These photos are from a recent trip back to Sydney when my son rang me out of the blue from Oz and announced that for my birthday, his present to me was a three week stay with him in Sydney. There was a slight hesitation in my voice because I knew it was winter over there, and here I was in sunny Costa del Sol trying to look for a holiday home in the sun.
‘It’s all booked’ he announced, flight and accommodation, and boy what a great time I had!


Check out the brilliant YouTube promotional video ‘Summer In Sydney’ by




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